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Am I the only one it doesn't work for ? ( the second .rar file corrupted )

Hi, played runs well on 4 which I got 30-45fps average, I'm guessing that this is not fully optimized yet, right? Btw, here are my specs:

RTX 2060 , Ryzen 5 3600 , 16GB DDR4 3200

Does this version have DLSS? I've heard about a DLSS version going around.

No, it doesnt. However it uses UE5's own temporal upscaling method called "TSR", which in many ways works similary to DLSS and produces comparable results.

Hi MARvizer,

Thanks for packaging the Valley of the Ancient demo so those of us with less knowledge and older computers could still give it a try. I really enjoyed getting a chance to experience it.

Is it possible you could do the same with the new Matrix Awakens assets that have been made available with the full Unreal Engine 5 release? I've been envious since December that console players got to try it but not us PC users.



It has already been packed by someone else. See the link on this article.

Thanks Irsher!

The Download is way too big
it should have been 2 gb file size

Where, is Engine.ini, I want to remove motion blur, its annoying.

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Anyway to disable motion blur?

Edit: putting these in the engine ini worked. But how do i fix the pixelation around the character when moving?




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r.PostProcessAAQuality=5 reduces the pixelation but it's still there.

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Hi Ayva!

I will disable it on a next update, but, have you tried with ShowFlag.MotionBlur 0 ?

Thank you for the game! :)  It would be even better to see support for DLSS or for example FSR. Will there be any of this?

Hi Hipadmax!

Something like FSR is already implemented! That's why you can increase performance (frames per second) with some of the quality buttons; because resolution changes ;)


Can you export this for Directx11 why only DX12 as DX11 works on older gpus too...

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Hi Albert!

I tried to do it, but seems to exists an incompatibility with a certain feature of Unreal and DX11, and it was causing a visual glitch. Maybe in a next update of UE5, when they fix it.

Sorry and best regards!

damn i love the new nanite technology, and hate that my pc cant handle it propperly... but at least this compiled version ran better than the raw project file :)

So great you enjoyed it!
You can try to press the key 4 or 9, to see if performance improves (lowering the quality a little).


Yea, i tried, but i did go in with somewhat low expectations xD
i only rock a GTX 970, so i am just happy it ran with the amount of frames it had :)

Thank you very much for making this available to the general public.

Some thoughts (both positive and negative):

- The LOD calibration is very good, it seems like the first time it's been calibrated almost correctly.

- At the boss fight if you approach the boss and look almost 90 degrees to the left, and then move forwards and backwards you will see scenery completely popping in and out. Digital Foundry missed this and it's probably a bug.

- The lighting is very good, the shadows do show different levels of aliasing depending on the settings.

- In the light part of the demo, the pixels shimmer in a way that isn't present in the dark part. It seems to be trying to show a heat haze effect but it's strange as some distances from the player show it and some don't, ie from the camera to the far distance it is off then on then off etc. This is probably a bug.

- Motion blur seems to be on which makes the scenery look poor when in motion, mouse smoothing being on doesn't help either. Of course these settings are personal preference.

- In the light part of the demo it's possible to have the clouds in the sky flicker at certain locations/camera angles even when the camera isn't moving. This doesn't happen in the dark part and is probably a bug.

- There was a lot of stutter at times, I assume this is because of the amount of data being transferred and also because this is a demo showing off features and not an optimised product.

I ran your demo on a factory overclocked 3080 on a 1440p 165Hz monitor.

Can you say exactly what the 8 and 9 keys do? I assume it enables/disables TSR but maybe it's something else.

Hi @redcorduroy,

Thank you very much! For sure, Epic would appreciate your comments too.

1- Yeah, that's Nanite!

2- Oh, true! But only with one rock, right? It's probably related to Nanite and its 'minimun LOD' thresold. But it shouldn't dissapear...

3- Yeah, that's Lumen! And related to Nanite too, as shadows are less detailed with distance, based on mesh detail (which is reduced with Nanite).

4- I don't notice any strange behaviour on that effect; always seeing it correctly.

5- Confirmed, it's motion blur. There is something strange over there... like a lot of noise around the character.

6- True again. Related woth the 'new' volumetric sky system.

7- I think so, too. They commented it on the Digital Foundry review. It should save some things on cache, so it could run smoother in a second run. Also when implemented a faster loading system, as in PS5.

8- TSR is always enabled, as it won't hit on performance. Those options has slightly different TSR resolution (75% and 50%, if I remember well) and specially, it lowers things like AA, PostProcess, Bloom, textures, etc.

Best regards!

Thanks for your response @MARvizer.

Here is an example of the shimmering:

The foreground and the rock on the left are stable, in the centre the pixels are shimmering in a band extending to the right, the top of the cliff is stable.

The file has been encoded but the encoding isn't causing the shimmering to stop at the rock on the left.

Thank you or the explanation, but I can't see that image, could you fix it?

Maybe this will work:

I see!

So shimmering is only happening along a horizontal band, right? But it's not a bug, but a design "mistake". It's a post process effect added to the scene and, for some reason, they have limited it to that certain height. With a simple tweak to the effect I have extended it up to the top of the cliffs too. So it's a design issue, but not a bug.

Best regards!

I understand this better now after more testing, there are only 3 layers for this shimmering in the light part of the demo. The near plane, the middle plane and the far plane. The shimmering effect is being applied to the middle plane only, ie horizontally the middle 1/3 of the screen. It is also being occluded by objects in the near plane which is correct.

However a real heat haze should continue from the middle plane to the far plane and be more pronounced in the far plane (like Nanite it should be calibrated) but it is only being applied to the middle plane and then it stops for some reason.

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Of course, I will! Unfortunately I'm still waiting for an Epic's reply regarding this. Apologizes.

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You are welcome Ione.

I know it's a pain, sorry. Until torrent arrives, I wish I would have a better server/way to share it.

Best regards!

Hi Ione,

I finally have uploaded it to Drive! So fast and without restrictions. I don't know how I did not realise it before...

Best regards!

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Not sure how to do it. Any tutorial? Anyway I'm still waiting the Epic's reply before distributing it through torrent. But not sure if they will reply...