A downloadable Benchmarking tool for Windows

(No installation needed: simply download it for free and execute the .EXE file)

Designed around a ring of mirror walls with different roughness and various modes and resolutions, this benchmark will allow us to benchmark Ray Tracing capabilities from the more weak GPUs, as the GTX 1060, up to the strongest RTX ones, which won't even be able to pass the more exigent test of the benchmark, reserved for future GPU generations or SLI configurations.

When doing two succesful tests, it will compare the last test's FPS against the previous ones, showing the achieved percentage of improvement. Ideal to compare and adjust overclocked configurations.

The tests are 2 minutes long and have different Rays per pixel and Reflection bounces values. In the Extreme mode, that number is dynamic and will be rised at the middle of the test, so don't worry is you notice some changes in the scene during the test.

If the test is running under 2,5 FPS for a long time (10 seconds aprox.), the user will be taken back to the menu and suggested to try a less exigent test mode.

Minimun requirements: Nvidia GPU with drivers 425.31 or higher, Windows 10 v1809 or higher.

(No installation needed: simply download it  for free and execute the .EXE file)

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SimpleRayTracingBenchmark_v0.7.rar 251 MB

Install instructions

Simply download it and execute the .exe file, without needing to install it.

Minimun requeriments: Nvidia GPU with drivers 425.31 or higher, Windows 10 update 1809 or higher.


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I made some tests:

RX 6650 XT with drivers adrenaling 23.5.2  I got:
      In Medium Settings 19.37 Avg FPS

RTX 3060 with drivers 531.79 I got:
     In Medium Settings   27.98 Avg FPS

i get 60 fps in 1080p extreme settings with gtx 970 rtx didnt work sad

why did you think a gtx 970, which has never ever ever in the existence of ever been able to run ray tracing or rtx in any game, would be able to run ray tracing in all games?

a good rule of thumb is if the gpu sin't called "RTX" then it doesn't do... RTX very well... hence the name RTX, it's not called "GTX", it's called "RTX" for a reason. just saying.

the only reason the 1060 and 1660 and above can run ray tracing is because people kept begging for drivers capable of running and and nvidia finally had enough and released it, the 1060 can run ray tracing at about 2 fps, the 1080ti (the best card in the gtx series) can get sometimes 30 maybe higher but it HIGHLY depends on the game.

so why would a 970, which is not even called a RTX card, and is MASSIVLY worse then the worst possible gpu that can run ray tracing, and that worst possible gpu still only gets around 2 fps, why would you think a 970 would be able to? like, theres no logic there.

that's like thinking a random rock will sell for millions sense diamonds can.

i dunno man rtx minecraft works on java with my gtx 970

that's weird sense java doesn't have rtx and it's quite literally impossible to run it. just saying.

sodium is currently working on implimenting a way to but as of right now it is impossible like fully impossible. minecraft doesn't run on the right RENDERING ENGINE to make that possible. it's literally the main reason windows 10 eidtion had to make "render dragon" BECAUSE the rendering engine it was using didn't support RT cores TUNDRA cores AI or anything like that,

also the 970 have 0 RT coires so how the hell are you running ray tracing on RT cores and where are your TUNDRA cores? again the 970 has 0??????

if you mean Sues PTGI, that's not RTX please don't lie. PTGI is PATH TRACED GLOBAL ILLUMANTION ran on SOFTWARE.

RTX is RAY TRACING RAN ON RT CORES keep in mind SPECIFICALLY on RT cores, now RTX can run path tracing to (path traced gi path traced reflections so on) but it still runs on the RT cores, the 970 has 0, so your doing some seriose level black magic or have some frankenstien card that's quite literally physically impossible to have not to mention illigala nd probably cost into the millions.

or your just lying your ass off which is the more likely answer, currently there are 0 shaders for java that use RT cores, optifine doesn't support RT cores, focal engine doesn't support RT cores, and sodium doesn't support RT cores, so not only did you code your own shader you coded your own rendering engine you made your own gpu and you made your own decoder and encoder right? if not your just full of shit.


now the 1060 1070 1080 don't have RT cores but can run "RTX" however they can't run "RTX" sense again it has to be on RT cores., they can run RAY TRACING but not RTX RTX is SPECIFICALLY ON HARDWARE the gtx series and gt series LITERALLY CANT you'd have to create hardware that doesn't exiest. so no.


They are not exactly pure ray tracying. Being exact the real ray tracying only is present in movies already, but the "gaming" ray tracying is only usefull for GPUs that were designed to be able to run Ray tracting decent good. That's why they decided to call them RTX, it's an important change. So when you test your Java edition with shaders that simulate pretty well ray tracying it looks great as skyrim or GTA V with mods that made them look absolutely realistic, they aren't native ray tracying. Minecraft bedroock edition, the Minecraft RTX use natively Ray tracying. I recommend to check quake RTX for example, you would see if you activate RTX on (if allow you to do it) and check ray tracying. In general shouldn't work or run very slow. This is how when Nvidia implemented Physics for first time, old GPUs when tried to run Physics were working suddenly of for example 60 FPS to 5, 2 FPS... Or the game crashed. There it's the point.