A downloadable Benchmarking tool for Windows

(No installation needed: simply download it for free and execute the .EXE file)

Designed around a ring of mirror walls with different roughness and various modes and resolutions, this benchmark will allow us to benchmark Ray Tracing capabilities from the more weak GPUs, as the GTX 1060, up to the strongest RTX ones, which won't even be able to pass the more exigent test of the benchmark, reserved for future GPU generations or SLI configurations.

When doing two succesful tests, it will compare the last test's FPS against the previous ones, showing the achieved percentage of improvement. Ideal to compare and adjust overclocked configurations.

The tests are 2 minutes long and have different Rays per pixel and Reflection bounces values. In the Extreme mode, that number is dynamic and will be rised at the middle of the test, so don't worry is you notice some changes in the scene during the test.

If the test is running under 2,5 FPS for a long time (10 seconds aprox.), the user will be taken back to the menu and suggested to try a less exigent test mode.

Minimun requirements: Nvidia GPU with drivers 425.31 or higher, Windows 10 v1809 or higher.

(No installation needed: simply download it  for free and execute the .EXE file)

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Install instructions

Simply download it and execute the .exe file, without needing to install it.

Minimun requeriments: Nvidia GPU with drivers 425.31 or higher, Windows 10 update 1809 or higher.


SimpleRayTracingBenchmark_v0.7.rar 251 MB


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i get 60 fps in 1080p extreme settings with gtx 970 rtx didnt work sad